Flu Shot Vaccination Voucher

Coronavirus – important message about flu vouchers

You may have seen in the media that there is a concern there will be a national shortage of flu jabs to vaccinate against seasonal flu. To ensure that the elderly, shielding and vulnerable people are prioritised in having access to the vaccine, healthcare providers in the UK have taken a unilateral decision to not launch flu vouchers during October.

We fully support this decision as we have vulnerable people in our organisation too, and we want to make sure that they are protected from the flu as a priority.

What does this mean for me?

It’s likely that the flu vouchers will be only put on hold temporarily, so we are putting some different plans in place for October.

Protecting our people is still the right thing to do, so if you want to arrange a flu jab (for Anglian Water employees only*) privately you can do this, and we will reimburse you up to the maximum value of £15.

*if you work for a partner alliance, please contact them for details of their schemes.

How can I claim back for a flu jab?

You should submit this personal expense in the usual way through Workday – selecting ‘flu shot vaccination’ as the expense item. Any claims will be paid in your following months’ pay.

We still all have an important role to play to make sure we are as fit and healthy as possible to help ease the stress on the NHS during this pandemic.

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